Somali CatOutgoing, Affectionate, Curious
Somali Cat At A Glance
Size:6-14 lb (2.7-6.35 kg)

Grooming Needs: Medium; needs regular combing, some bathing if coat is greasy

Activity Level: Moderate to high

Social Needs: Must have human and/or pet companionship

Associations: Somalis are accepted in all USA/Canadian cat registries.

About The Somali Somalis are medium-sized cats, lithe and muscular, with long, bushy tails that have earned it the nickname "fox cat". While they began as a longhaired Abyssinian and are even found in the same colors (primarily ruddy, red, blue, and fawn), their types have diverged some over the years, with the Somali being more moderate. Abyssinians are still used as outcrosses for the Somali to broaden the gene pool.

Somalis are extroverted, very affectionate, and active, although a bit less energetic than Abys. They can be stubborn and single-minded; Somalis with an "idea" can be difficult to distract. Obedience is better won through love and praise than punishment, as they can be sensitive to correction. Their adaptable, gentle good nature means many Somalis have become successful therapy and office cats.
Did You Know? Somalis share the distinction with Birmans as being one of the most challenging cats to breed for show. This is because the key features of the breed -- intensely colorful undercoat and coat clarity (lack of stripes on the neck, legs, and tail) can cancel one another out. The longer hair makes it more likely undesirable marks will show on a Somali than on the shorthaired Abyssinian.

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