Thai CatFaithful, Talkative, Lively
Thai Cat At A Glance
Size:6-12 lbs (2.7-5.4 kg)

Grooming Needs: Very low

Activity Level: High

Social Needs: Very high; must have companionship at all times, human and/or pet

Associations: Thai are accepted in TICA. The breed is called Traditional Siamese in ACA and Old-Style Siamese in CFF.

About The Thai The Thai is a moderate type of Siamese with a variety of names, including Traditional, Applehead, Old-Style, or Classic Siamese. They are considered foreign-type, not as lanky as a show-style Siamese, but lithe and muscular. The head is rounded and set with brilliant blue eyes, with broad-based ears set high on the head.

Thai are people-loving, fiercely devoted cats who are almost too intelligent for their own good. Great with children and other pets, Thai need regular play and interaction, and do best when kept with at least one other cat of its own activity level. Thai left alone for too long will become despondent, and may become destructive as a result. They are chatty, loving to express their opinions to anyone who will listen and carry on a good conversation.
Did You Know? This type of Siamese began emerging in the 1950s, when the prominent show style for Siamese became the long, slinky version and the more moderate old-style was left behind. However, these traditional types remained perennial favorites of cat owners. Breeders kept the breed going, but eventually won the right to have these cats recognized for their own style of beauty and elegance.

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