Tonkinese CatEngaging, Social, Cuddly
Tonkinese Cat At A Glance
Size: 6-12 lbs (2.7-5.4 kg)

Grooming Needs: Low

Activity Level: High

Social Needs: Must have regular human and/or pet companionship

Associations: Tonkinese are accepted in all USA/Canadian cat registries.

About The Tonkinese Tonkinese are a moderate-bodied cat with a sleek, soft coat, featuring a unique pattern known as "mink". Mink is a type of colorpoint, but the body color's shade harmonizes with the point color. Tonkinese eyes are also a mesmerizing shade of aqua, instead of blue like most colorpointed cats. Tonkinese were originally created (or rather, recreated) by breeding Siamese with Burmese.

Tonks blend many of the best qualities of the parent breeds: affectionate, intelligent, people-loving, and playful, though somewhat less vocal than the Siamese (less loud, not less chatty). They will designate themselves as the social director of the house, greeting guests and supervising all household activities to make sure everything is done according to their standards. Tonks are dedicated lap cats, enjoying cuddle time with their favorite people.
Did You Know? The cat Wong Mau, often cited as the first Burmese imported to the United States, was actually a Burmese-Siamese crossbreed, or what would now be called a Tonkinese. She was bred to isolate the sable trait to create the Burmese breed. It wasn't for many years after that breeders put these breeds back together to recreate the Tonkinese.

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