Toybob CatSweet, Playful, Diminutive
Toybob Cat At A Glance
Size: 4-7 lbs (1.8-3.2 kg)

Grooming Needs: Low; even semi-longhair is silky and requires only occasional combing

Activity Level: Moderate

Social Needs: Do not thrive being without human and pet company

Associations: Toybobs are accepted in ACFA, CFA, and CFF. They are in Preliminary New Breed in TICA.

About The Toybob One of the smallest cat breeds, Toybob aren't artificially miniaturized versions of any existing cat breed. This naturally-occurring tiny cat with its kinked, bobbed tail originated in Russia. Toybobs can have either short hair or a medium-long coat. They can be bred in many colors, but colorpoint remains the most popular.

Toybobs are affectionate and intelligent, and while playful, they are also gentle and cuddly. They may take a little time to warm up to strangers, but they are devoted to their families. They're best kept with other pets of a similar temperament and activity level, and since they're "fun sized", most breeders recommend keeping more than one.
Did You Know? Toybobs' kinked, short tail is unrelated genetically to any other known gene that causes bobbed tails in other breeds, such as the American Bobtail, Japanese Bobtail, or Pixie-Bob. It varies in length from almost rabbit-like to a few inches long.

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